Running an election campaign is never easy. If you are going to be an effective candidate, the process from deciding to run to being elected is a time-consuming, yet rewarding process that can occur over several months or years.

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    Please contact me regarding a yard sign

    Please send me your questions regarding Three Valleys MWD and the role I will play if elected as Director in Division 6. Serving the Pomona, CA voters in Districts 1, 4 and 6. Yard signs will be available early August. To request a yard sign, contact me via the website, Facebook Messenger or hahnforwaterboard@gmail.com, and include “request sign” and your address in your message.

    Looking forward to seeing you in person or online soon!

    Hahn For Three Valleys MWD, Division 6

    Website paid for by Hahn for Water Board 2020 | Committee ID No. 1433918

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