Victoria Hahn


I have lived in the Wilton Heights area of Pomona in District 1 since 1987. My husband and I have raised our family here, and I have spent 25 years of my career in the water industry and am prepared to give back to my community to ensure the safe and affordable delivery of this precious resource that all humans need.


Why Three Valleys MWD Exists

 Three Valleys Municipal Water District was established in 1950 by a vote of the people.   Today, the District’s service area covers 133 square miles. 

Three Valleys Municipal Water District is a member agency to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD). To learn more about MWD and the statute allowing Three Valleys to be annexed to their service area, giving access to supplemental imported water to the region, click on the link below:

Governing Body

Three Valleys is governed by a seven member board of elected officials.

All Board Meetings are open to the public and are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 8:00 a.m. at the District headquarters located at 1021 E. Miramar Avenue, Claremont, California. More information can be obtained at

 I am seeking to run against the incumbent, John Mendoza in Division 6. Every vote will be important and your support will help me cross the finish line to provide you better quality representation than you currently have.

Who Does Three Valleys MWD Serve?

Three Valleys MWD provides imported water service to twelve (12) member agencies, that include the City of Pomona. Pomona has two representatives, one that serves North Pomona, TVMWD Division 6 (representing voters in Pomona Districts 1, 4 and 6) and another that serves South Pomona TVMWD Division 1 (representing voters in Pomona Districts 2, 3 and 5). These directors are elected during alternate cycles. For 2020, Division 6 will be on the ballot. To learn more visit


District of Distinction / Transparency Certificate of Excellence

During 2014, as Clerk of the Board at Three Valleys MWD, I introduced the suggestion to consider applying to become a district of distinction with a transparency certificate of excellence issued by the Special Districts Leadership Foundation. This was successfully completed in 2014, with re-certifications occurring in 2016, 2018 and scheduled for 2020. This special accreditation recognizes an agency(ies) effective fiscal policies and transparency as it concerns its governance. 

Special District Leadership Foundation / California Special Districts Association

The Special District Leadership Foundation offers four programs to promote good governance and best practices among California’s Special Districts: Certified Special District Manager; Certificate in Special District Governance; District Transparency Certificate of Excellence; and Districts of Distinction Accreditation. 

California Special District Association is an independent member-based association that provides education and legislative advocacy to the special districts community. 

What is a Special District and Why Do I Vote for Someone to Serve on a Special District Board?

Special districts are local government agencies that provide essential services to millions of Californians. They are formed and governed by local residents to establish or enhance essential services and infrastructure in their communities. Each special district focuses on providing specific types of services. At Three Valleys MWD, as as wholesale water agency, the board is responsible for setting policy related to the operation of the agency. Additional responsibilities include working with the General Manager to provide excellent customer service to its twelve (12) member agencies, who provide direct services to the voters. 

Member Agencies / Retail / Wholesale… Let Me Explain!

Special districts serve blocks of customers that are made up of other retail water agencies providing direct water service to their customers – that is you, the voter. As an example, Pomona is a municipal retail water agency. You pay your water bill to the City and if you have a problem with your water you should reach out to the Pomona Water Department at 909-620-2241. I believe an educated voter makes for better candidates getting elected. Let me know if I can answer your questions.

Public Agency

Three Valleys MWD is a public agency which means that its business is the business of the public. You may request public records with some limitations pursuant to the California Public Records Act. To request a public record from Three Valleys MWD, click here.


As as candidate I am committed to transparency and will post my required financial filings, Form 700 and Form 460 along with any late donation forms pursuant to the Fair Political Practices Act.

Form 460 Preelection Statement #1, conformed copy

Form 460 Preelection Statement #2, conformed copy

Form 460 Preelection Statement #1, amended

Form 460 Preelection Statement #2, amended

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